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Multipurpose parks
Industrial park "Beliy Rast"
We are glad to submit you the investment project "White Rast" located in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region. The territory with a total area of 818,7 Hectares is divided ...
Industrial park "Orudyevo"

The industrial and logistic park "Orudyevo" is the new investment project realized by MITs Group of companies within the approved program of creation of industrial districts...

Multipurpose park "Podosinki"
The investment project of new generation realized by Green Town group of companies in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region will allow to create the multipurpose industrial ...
Terminal and logistic centers
Dmitrovsky interregional multimodal logistic center "Dmitrovsky Port"

Volume of investment:

About 18,4 billion rubles, budgetary funds of the Russian Federation: 5,7 billion rubles.

Own and borrowed funds of the inv...

Terminal and logistic center "White Rast"
Creation of the multipurpose terminal and logistic center "White Rast" in Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region is the pilot draft of the program of JSC RZhD for formation of sy...
Objects of culture and rest
Cultural entertainment complex "MARINE"

Arrangement of the land plot

The site of 25 hectares is located in the southern part of Dmitrov, between the line of the railroad and the can...

Sports entertainment center "Shelf"
The investment project is realized on the land plot of 26,6 hectares in the city of Dmitrov (st. of Odintsovo)
in the territory of artificially created pit which is supposed ...
Building of municipal theater
The modern theatrical complex will represent the three-storyed building where two scenes — for drama and children's doll theaters, three halls — visual, small and rehearsal, theatr...
Objects of housing construction
Housing estate of "Dmitrovskiye Alpy"
"Dmitrovskiye Alpy" is a unique pilot project of complex development of the territory for creation of comfortable and harmonious habitat of the person. Tasks of developers and deve...
Housing estate "Albertvil"
Multiformat complex which unites some kinds of a housing estate.
Key parameters of the project:
Construction terms 2014-2020
The area of building is 74,2 hectares...