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Multipurpose park "Podosinki"

Multipurpose park "Podosinki" The investment project of new generation realized by Green Town group of companies in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region will allow to create the multipurpose industrial zone meeting all modern requirements and criteria of the industrial district on total grounds.

The industrial park "Podosinki" is located near the city of Dmitrov. The land plots having category - the earth of the industry, power, transport, communication and the earth of other special purpose (promk), with a total area more than 60 hectares are in the territory of the Kostinsky rural settlement near the village of Selevkino in 40 km from Moscow on Dmitrovskoye Highway.

The land plots which are a part of Industrial park "Podosinki" have the equal landscape convenient for construction, and are located round plant on production of an autoclave gas concrete "Aerostoun-Dmitrov" – the modern enterprise, largest in Russia, for production of blocks of a cellular gas concrete.