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Housing estate "Albertvil"

Housing estate "Albertvil" Multiformat complex which unites some kinds of a housing estate.
Key parameters of the project:
Construction terms 2014-2020
The area of building is 74,2 hectares
The total area of apartments is 86,6 thousand sq.m
The total amount of investments is 6,5 billion rubles
The concept of building provides construction:
Cottages (135 зд.)
Duplexes (29 зд.)
Kvadreksov (11 зд.)
Townhouses of 2 types (56 зд.)
Low houses (21 зд.)
The composite idea is based on configuration of a housing estate behind the linear center of the settlement along Rogachevskoye Highway. The center of the settlement is created by building of public appointment, school and child care facilities, buildings of household service. The sports center is designed both for residents of the designed settlement, and on service of inhabitants of nearby settlements of Lobnya, the Gabovsky settlement, the next housing estates on Rogachevskoye Highway (ZhK "Dream", ZhK "Green City"), and also amateur athletes from Moscow and Moscow area.