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Scientific activity of Federal public budgetary educational institution of higher education "Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics" in Dmitrov the Moscow region.

Organization of scientific work

Normative documents of federal, departmental and local levels are taken for a basis of the organization of scientific activity in REU branch of G. V. Plekhanov in Dmitrov of the Moscow region (further Ц Branch), including:
Federal laws of the Russian Federation "About science and the state scientific and technical policy", "About education" and "About the higher and postgraduate professional education";
The concept of development of REU of G. V. Plekhanov; 
The charter of REU of G. V. Plekhanov;
The provision on Public Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training REU im. G. V. Plekhanova Branch in Dmitrov the Moscow region. 
Scientific activity in Plekhanov's branch is directed on the solution of the following main objectives:
quality achievement of training of specialists;
increase of productivity of research activity of the faculty of Branch;
use of scientific potential of NPR in interests of development of trade of the region in modern conditions;
training of students for scientific practical activities.

Key questions of development of scientific activity are discussed at meetings of Council of branch, meetings of chairs. Annually on Council annual reports on scientific activity are heard and plans for the next calendar year are accepted. 
Functions of organizational management of research activity of institute are assigned to the head of the department of economy and management.
Coordination of scientific work is carried out by Council of branch.Are among the most important problems of scientific activity of Branch:
performance of basic and applied scientific researches in the field of economic, social, humanitarian and other sciences;
the organization of joint research activity with the Russian, foreign and international organizations;
studying and synthesis of domestic and world experiment in the directions of the scientific researches conducted by University;
use of results of scientific researches and development in educational process and assistance to other practical application of these results;
development of the major scientific problems connected with development and improvement of higher education in the country;
communication of scientific researches with teaching and educational process by broad involvement of teachers, students and graduate students to research work;
increase of scientific qualification of the faculty of Branch, preparation and implementation of programs for training, professional development of scientific shots, including training in Russia and abroad;
implementation of analytical, advisory, predictive activity for government and non-governmental organizations, legal entities and individuals;
the organization and holding scientific seminars, conferences, symposiums, the congresses, including with participation of foreign experts;
preparation and the edition of scientific, reference books, books, magazines, other publications, including in electronic mass media.
Leading experts from among the faculty of branch, and also experts from other organizations having a wide experience of work in this scientific directions, graduate students, undergraduates and students are involved in performance of scientific researches. 

Scientific directions

Now in branch of 7 scientific directions:

Formation of the market of educational services and its regulation;
Increase of efficiency of the enterprise on the basis of a control system of changes;
Finance, monetary circulation and credit;
Management of psychology of development of organizational communities;
Mathematical methods of statistics in educational process; 
The analysis and information processing on management of educational process
Philosophical and sociological questions of development of modern society.
Existence and ratio of basic and applied scientific researches, introduction and replication of development

The directions of scientific researches of teachers of chairs of branch have character of applied researches.

Two main groups of research works are allocated. NIR of the first group are connected with the solution of actual problems of financial sector of economy of Russia. In the second group NIR directed on the solution of actual problems of trade and economic activity of trade enterprises are presented.

Efficiency of research work (the edition of monographs, protection of theses, articles in the leading reviewed magazines)

PPS of Branch publish results of the researches in the form of monographs, scientific articles in the leading reviewed magazines; participate in the organization, carrying out and work of the All-Russian and international conferences. 
Results of NIR are approved at the All-Russian and International scientific and practical conferences, problem seminars, round tables, on the events held as Branch, and together with other Higher education institutions, Administration of the area, Dmitrovsky Interdistrict Chamber of Commerce and Industry with participation of PPS and students, as well as in educational process of branch. 
In Branch 2 collections of scientific works annually are issued; NPR of Branch for 2010 Ц 2014gg is published in scientific publications more than 300 articles, published textbooks and manuals Ц 25, monographs Ц 5; 14 conferences, including 5 international and 11 All-Russian are held, are prepared for receipt in postgraduate study Ц 28 people, arrived Ц 21 people; 
All regular NPR are registered in system of RINTs. 

Participation of teachers in NIR and professional development

The faculty of Dmitrovsky branch as of 30.12.14g. totals the 37th person, including 13 regular. From them 10 associate professors Ц candidates of science. From among 6 professors involved for a part-time job Ц doctors of science, 10 associate professors Ц candidates of science. The share of teachers with academic degrees makes 61,9%.
During 2008 Ц 2013 of PPS of Branch it is executed 40 NIR for the total amount of 13052 thousand rubles. 
Within the plan of scientific works in 2013 the Branch won a grant within "The main competition RGNF 2013 - 02", type of the g project, project 13-02-14023 No. - All-Russian scientifically Ц practical student's conference: "Actual problems modern socially Ц economic development of society". In 2014 RGNF grant рег is won. No. 14-32-01206 "Calculation of the budgetary efficiency of actions for tax preferences of real estate with elements of ecotechnologies in the Moscow region".
In total NPR of Dmitrovsky branch 2 persons abroad improved the skills at different advanced training courses, including.  

Participation of students in NIR (publication, participation in conferences, competitions, exhibitions)

In 2008 it is created and actively Scientific student's organization (the 72nd persons) works. Scientific activity of VAT in Branch is based on the Situation "About Students' Scientific Society".  
Members of VAT take part in the scientific and other events held by RGTEU, Administration of the area, Dmitrovsky interdistrict Chamber of Commerce and Industry participate in work of the youth government of the area: round tables, seminars, exhibitions and scientific and practical conferences. Work of VAT is conducted according to the approved plan of work. 
In 2007 4 students, 1 graduate student (3 NIR), in 2008g-15 students and 2 graduate students (5 NIR), in 2009 Ц 12 students and 8 graduate students (6 NIR), in 2010 Ц 13 students and 8 graduate students participated in NIR (6 NIR). In 2011 (8 NIR) 18 students and 3 graduate students participated. In 2012 in 5 Ц ти NIR participated 14 students, in 2013 Ц 11 people, in 2014 Ц 8 people.
During 2008 Ц 2013gg 76 students, 10 graduate students took part in NIR. It is published in scientific publications of articles by students Ц 153, graduate students Ц 30. In 2014 students published over 30 articles and theses.
Students of Dmitrovsky branch annually participate in the exhibitions "Education and Career" and at "Business school" of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized by DM in Dmitrov and in to Taldoma. 
Works of 3 - 5 students Ц 3 Ц 5 exhibits annually participate in exhibitions of student's works.

Cooperation with other scientific, educational institutions and enterprises, international cooperation

It is concluded contracts with the enterprises of Dmitrovsky district on joint activity and on passing the practician by students Ц 25, including with Dmitrovsky interdistrict Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Banks of Dmitrovsky district and trade organizations large the riteylovskikh of networks ("Five Stars", "Roundabout", etc.).
Two international treaties on joint activity in scientific and educational activity are signed: with the Higher Vocational School of Stanislav Stashits (Poland. A saw), with the Nizhnesilezsky Higher School of Business and Equipment in Polkovitsekh (Poland). 
Exit occupations on the leading trade enterprises of the city practice in Branch. At the seminars following after exit occupations round tables where students make reports on results of exit occupation are carried out, exchange opinions. In particular in 2010 - 2014 similar seminars practiced on discipline "Management of trade organizations". Exit seminars in such trade organizations as "Roundabout", "Pyaterochka", "Auchan" were held. 
In general, on branch, scientific work continues to develop. The scope of research works of branch on the relevance, novelty and the practical importance corresponds to a profile of training of specialists and promotes enrichment of educational process by achievements of modern science. Their applied orientation allows to use the received results in educational process.