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Transport availability

From Moscow it is possible to reach Dmitrov by suburban electric trains which depart from the Belarusian and Savelovsky station. From the Belarusian station the train "Moscow Ч Dubna", and from the Savelovsky station is suitable for this trip: "Moscow Ч Savelovo", "Moscow Ч Dmitrov", "Moscow Ч Savelovo", "Moscow Ч Verbilki" and "Moscow Ч Kostino". It is necessary to come in both options to Dmitrov stations, and time in way Ч 1 hour 15 minutes. Also there is an opportunity to reach to Dmitrov by bus. 

Also there is an opportunity to reach to Dmitrov by bus. For this purpose it is necessary to sit down on routes No. 310 and No. 401 which drive off from the Altufyevo subway it is necessary to Leave at a final stop "Dmitrov", and time in way makes about 1 hour 10 minutes. But if on roads there are traffic jams, travel can be tightened till two and a half, and even three hours. After all now there is a reconstruction of Dmitrovskoye Highway, new outcomes near MKAD are under construction.

If to reach Dmitrov on the car, it is necessary to curtail from MKAD to Dmitrovskoye Highway and all the time to go on the main road. And then according to the index to Dmitrov to turn to the right and through kilometer there will be an entrance on the suburb of the city. The road from Moscow to Dmitrov on the car, at a favorable road situation, will take about 55 minutes. But if on roads big jams, time in way can increase till two, and even two and a half hours.