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In the Dmitrov district planned to implement a pilot project for greenhouses

In the Dmitrov district planned to implement a pilot project for greenhouses Valery Gavrilov, head of the district held a meeting on the development of greenhouse vegetable production at the plant "Dmitrov thermal insulation." The discussion was attended by the company's management, investors in the face of "TransNeftResurs" and others.
Head of the district was presented the investment project for the construction of the greenhouse complex area of 6 hectares on the territory of JSC "Dmitrov thermal insulation", which issued the necessary materials for his work. This is the first project in Russia, carried out with the power created by the alternative fuel from the processing of municipal solid waste. Such Agrocomplex proved successful in Germany, Belgium, Monaco and other European countries. Emissions produced on high-tech German equipment, monitored around the clock online surveillance. The main advantage of the project - the cost of vegetable production will be 40% cheaper than in greenhouses operating in the conventional energy resources that are constantly becoming more expensive. Not surprisingly, the cost of domestic winter cucumbers and tomatoes becomes a transcendental, even under sanctions by foreign countries. Offer investors who participated in the recent prestigious agricultural exhibition "Golden Autumn", was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region and the Russian Academy of Sciences. If the project is approved, the first crop will be available in 24 months. Implementation of the new production worth 2 billion rubles will create dozens of jobs.
According to Valery Gavrilov, the construction of economical teplits- a step forward in the development of the local agricultural industry, which occupies only a leading position in the Moscow region. But it will require a thorough environmental impact assessment: "Our area is a recreational lounge area, where a lot of sports and tourist centers," - he stressed. Valeriy reminded that dmitrovchane actively involved in the work on import substitution industry. And increasing the number of modern greenhouses - today one of the priorities for regional agriculture.

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