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Milyutina's house

Milyutina's house — a bright example of architecture of a modernist style — is built at a boundary of XIX and XX centuries. Being a part of the city estate, it stood in the depth of a site, surrounded with an extensive garden, now is among new building. The wooden two-storeyed building with a penthouse and ladder extensions thanks to a land relief has from the facade turned to the street, the brick first floor. In external processing of the house receptions of the Swiss national architecture are used. Picturesqueness of the general composition is increased by the decorative board covering of a felling imitating below a rustovanny laying, and also a free rhythm of window openings, places united in links the general sandrik on arms.
The owner O. D. Milyutina, in the 1900th the trustee of a dmitrovsky female pro-gymnasium, suited a children's shelter that caused division it on two adjacent isolated half in the house. Internal planning is changed in the course of repair of 1974, tile furnaces are disassembled.