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The municipal health care is presented by four city and local hospitals, 3 city policlinics, stomatologic policlinic, the Dmitrovsky regional center of medical prevention, 8 out-patient clinics, 23 medical assistant's and obstetric points.

Besides, the medical care can be received in private medical institutions: IMK Clinic No. 1, Osteo - Clinics, the Medical center, "Status".

The lead municipal authority of the area is "the Dmitrovsky city hospital" which part the versatile hospital, adult and children's policlinic, maternity hospital, female consultation is. Also, in the territory of the area, carries out activity the Dmitrovsky station of an emergency medical service having in the submission of 5 substations of SMP.

During 1 year out-patient and polyclinic healthcare institutions of the area carry out 1 500 000 receptions, the number of the treated patients in a hospital makes 40 000 people.

In health care of the area new technologies of treatment among which not the last place is taken by a telemedicine take root. In obstetrics modern perinatal technologies, in surgery - low-invasive technologies, in traumatology – the low-invasive intramedullyarny blocking osteosynthesis are introduced at fractures of a neck of a femur and vertalny area, in ophthalmology the surgical method of treatment of a cataract is introduced by a fakoemulsiifikation method.

The international cooperation in health sector with doctors and psychologists from the USA, Germany and the Netherlands is carried out.

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