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The municipal education system of the Dmitrovsky municipal district includes: 

Preschool educational institutions-51

Educational institutions - 43

Establishments of additional education-7

Professional education-17 

Preschool institutions are visited by about seven thousand pupils that makes about 61% of all children of preschool age living in the territory of the area. 

In establishments initial, average and higher education 8600 people are trained.

In establishments of additional education 220 associations of various orientation work: ecological and biological, tourist and local history, sports and sports, art and esthetic, military patriotic, others culturological, and also Sunday orthodox school. In establishments of additional education on a free basis 3230 pupils are engaged.

In municipal educational institutions 2114 teachers work with a high skill level: 49% of the teachers working at schools have the highest qualification category, and among teachers of preschool educational institutions the highest category about 18% have, the first and second – 60,7%.