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New buildings of Dmitrov


Housing construction in the city especially actively is conducted since 2000. Thanks to efforts of large builders such as Ч "PIK-Region", JSC PKF AFINA LTD, JSC INSK Berezovets, JSC Dmitrov Stroy and some other the companies Ч the city modern houses on streets Defensive, Vnukovsky, Professional decorated, Astronauts, the Architect Belobrov. New quarter Berezovets, residential districts DZFS and Averyanovo, the settlement of townhouses the Dmitrovsky Farmstead, etc. grew.

For construction of houses builders use the latest modern materials and technologies. So, at the end of June of this year in Dmitrovsky district there began the work the plant, largest in Russia, on production of a gas concrete of AeroStone. Its production Ч opens wide prospects in mass housing construction. Light, strong and eco-friendly material provides high degree of thermal insulation and considerably saves expenses at construction. Rates and volumes of construction systematically increase.

Apartments in new buildings of Dmitrov get not only locals, but also Muscovites, and also visitors from other regions of Russia. Purchase of apartments in new buildings with use of proceeds of credit is in also great demand.

Now apartments from the builder can be got in houses as put in operation, and being at different stages of construction. The price for square meter depends on a stage of construction of the house.

Secondary market

In the market of secondary housing of the city rather wide choice of apartments in new and old multi-storey buildings, private city and country households. The complex of services in sale, purchase, an exchange, rent of inhabited and non-residential premises and to legal maintenance of operations with real estate provide local agencies and the leading Moscow realtor companies.

The living space can be found in the city at reasonable prices and for every taste. The center of Dmitrov is built generally up with low brick houses. In the areas which developed in the 60th years of the last century panel nine-floor houses prevail. In the 80th years in the city there were brick and panel houses of different number of storeys. In the last decade in Dmitrov generally built monolithic and brick buildings. In the city quarters of private households of the last century remained, and in its picturesque vicinities modern cottage settlements of a business class are built. 

Rent of housing in Dmitrov

As well as the market of rent of apartments is widespread in other cities of Moscow area located near the capital in Dmitrov. Apartments are rented generally by young families and visitors from other regions of Russia. Rent cost, as well as in other cities, depends on a site, the area, a condition of the apartment and the house, existence of furniture and household appliances. The analysis which is carried out by the Business of Consult real estate agency allows to draw a conclusion that the average price in a month for rent of 1 room apartment makes 15 thousand rubles, 2-roomed 20 thousand rubles and 3-roomed 25 thousand rubles.